In my PhD dissertation, Practical Artificial Commonsense, I created a new approach to giving software and robots the same kind of everyday commonsense that people possess. I call this project Comirit.

I am currently applying this research to robotics within the Innovation and Enterprise Research Laboratory. I am designing robots that are intelligent, that think for themselves, that have commonsense and that can cope in any environment.

While I draw on concepts from computer science and logic, the focus of my work is very pragmatic.

See below for some of my research activities and publications.

Activities and Grants

I am/was a chief investigator on the following grants:

I have served as a conference chair for NRAC 2009, PCAR 2008 and 2010, Smarter Living 2011, Commonsense 2013 and ICSR 2014 as well as on the advisory board of Commonsense, and the workshop chair of ISWC 2013. I also work as a reviewer and program committee member of many conferences and journals including IJCAI, AAAI, ECAI, AIJ, HRI, AGI and Social Robotics.

I have also been heavily involved in UTS’s team in the Robocup “Standard Platform” Robot Soccer League.


A selection of publications appears below.

Commonsense Reasoning

Social Robotics

Internet of Things

Inference with Defeasible Logic

Published 11 November 2016 by Benjamin Johnston.