I currently teach entrepreneurship, creative intelligence, enterprise software development and web development.


If you’ve got an idea for a startup (or if you've already started), then come to my free startup consultations. They are currently held each Wednesday from 2pm to 3:30pm. I meet at the sofas opposite the elevators at the University of Technology Sydney, Building 11, Level 7. Don't be shy. Everyone is welcome. No appointment is required but you can send me an email to confirm.

The purpose is to help you build a real business. We take the first step, then work step-by-step. Every action is about building and growing your business.

If you're a student at UTS, there may be an option for getting course credit. The consultation serves as an entry into UTS Launchpad.

The consultations are based on a proven program that has worked for many student-founded businesses. It is very hands-on. There's minimal talk. Instead, you take action to get real results.

Creative Intelligence

I teach intensive classes and bootcamps on creativity, design thinking and creative intelligence.

Please get in touch with me if you're interested in custom training.


I'm looking for talented students to supervise as part of the UTS Unleashed RoboCup@Home competition. I am also part of a team developing an upcoming class on Social Robotics at UTS.

If this interests you, please get in touch.

Enterprise and Web Development

I have taught and continue to teach enterprise development and web development in C# / ASP.NET, Java / Java EE, Python / Django and NodeJS / Angular / React.

I also mentor student projects in a diverse range of tools and platforms. In addition to C#, Java and Node, these include Python, C++, mobile apps, robotics, artificial intelligence and internet of things.

Please get in touch if you have a great project idea.

Published 19 November 2017 by Benjamin Johnston.