I teach social robotics, entrepreneurship, creative intelligence, enterprise software development and distributed systems.

Entrepreneurship and Creative Intelligence

I teach intensive classes and boot-camps on entrepreneurship, creativity, design thinking and creative intelligence.

I help you take action to build and validate your concepts. We take the first step, then work step-by-step. Every action is about building and growing your ideas.

Please get in touch with me if you're interested in custom training.


In addition to supervising student teams in robotics competitions, I teach a class on intelligent service robotics.

In 2019, the UTS Unleashed! robotics team were world champions in RoboCup@Home Social Standard Platform League. In 2019, the class on intelligent service robotics developed creative ideas for retail robots.

If you would like to help build intelligent service robots, please get in touch.

Enterprise and Web Development

I have taught and continue to teach enterprise development, distributed systems and web development using C# / ASP.NET, Java, Python and NodeJS / React and Cloud technologies.

I also mentor student projects in a diverse range of tools and platforms. In addition to C#, Java and Node, these projects include Python, C++, mobile apps, robotics, artificial intelligence and internet of things.

Please get in touch if you have a great project idea.

Published 27 July 2023 by Benjamin Johnston.