I am Benjamin Johnston, a tech lead / developer, a researcher and an educator.

I can be reached by email at hello@benjaminjohnston.com.au.


My research is focused on high impact outcomes in applications of artificial intelligence: social robotics, speech and natural language processing, multi-modal human-robot interaction, artificial commonsense reasoning, design and data analytics. My research is motivated by a long term curiosity about how to successfully integrate symbolic methods (i.e., logics, which provide explanations and structure) with subsymbolic methods (i.e., machine learning and simulations, which improve performance and can be generated from data).

Some of the outcomes of my work include:

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

I have developed cutting-edge subjects in innovation and entrepreneurship at several Australian universities. I have taught classes on entrepreneurship at Stanford University's d.school with Perry Klebahn and Jeremy Utley.

I have mentored many startup founders in their earliest stages. These founders have experienced financial success, successful funding, selection in prestigious accelerators and large prizes in pitching and startup competitions.

Industry Experience

I also work and have worked with industry and startups as a software developer, software architect, product owner, consultant, bio-statistician and IT manager.

Published 27 July 2023 by Benjamin Johnston.