About Me

I am Benjamin Johnston, a researcher and a developer. I believe in the power of technology to improve our life at home, work and play. My passion is for using artificial intelligence and social robotics to create systems that bring joy and amazement.

I can be reached by email at hello@benjaminjohnston.com.au.


I grew up in Brisbane, Australia where I studied Information Technology at the University of Queensland. I then worked for several years in industry and startups as a software developer, consultant, bio-statistician and IT manager. I moved to Sydney to do a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Technology Sydney. Since my PhD, I have worked at the University of Sydney and, currently, the University of Technology Sydney.

I currently conduct research in social robotics. I teach entrepreneurship and enterprise software development. I provide consulting in software systems development and innovation.


Aside from my research and consulting work, I also work on a number of small personal projects and participate in technology user groups.

My personal interests include Swimming, Ocean Swimming, Dance, Travel and Chinese language; I am particularly thrilled when I can combine these interests with technology.

Published 19 November 2017 by Benjamin Johnston.