I am Benjamin Johnston, a researcher and a developer.

I can be reached by email at hello@benjaminjohnston.com.au.


I grew up in Brisbane, Australia where I studied Information Technology at the University of Queensland. I then worked for several years in industry and startups as a software developer, consultant, bio-statistician and IT manager. I moved to Sydney to do a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Technology Sydney. Since my PhD, I have worked at the University of Sydney and, currently, the University of Technology Sydney.

I co-direct the Innovation and Enterprise Research Laboratory at the University of Technology Sydney. We build and study intelligent and socially aware robot-systems and advance fundamental research in Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation and disruptive technologies.

I currently conduct research in social robotics. I teach entrepreneurship and enterprise software development. I provide consulting in software systems development and innovation.

Published 30 November 2019 by Benjamin Johnston.