Full Stack Web Development

I have taught a class on full stack web deveopment using JavaScript/TypeScript at the University of Technology Sydney. The subject is called “Advanced Internet Programming”.

As an accompaniment to the course, I prepared a free online workbook/textbook that is now available online.

The materials cover the internals of web technologies, good design principles, best practices, distributed systems and teamwork.

(Published 27 May 2021)

Prototyping grammars in JavaScript / TypeScript

Context-free grammars are a popular technique for parsing input in software development. Implementing a grammar can be difficult or require complex dependencies. Ambiguous and recursive grammars can be particularly challenging.

Read on for a technique I like to use when rapidly prototype grammars in JavaScript or TypeScript. The technique uses yield to simulate Prolog's definite clause grammars in JavaScript.

Continue Reading (Published 25 January 2021)

Published 1 January 2021 by Benjamin Johnston.