Welcome to Advanced Internet Programming. This is a course on web development with a focus on the Java EE platform. It is based on materials used in a subject I teach at the University of Technology Sydney.

Each week involves different forms of study and practice:

Debugging Tips:
Week 1:
Introduction and challenges
Week 2:
HTTP and Servlets
Week 3:
JavaServer Pages (JSP)
Week 4:
JavaServer Faces (JSF) and MVC frameworks
Week 5:
Databases and JDBC
Week 6:
Architectures and design patterns
Week 7:
Naming (JNDI) and dependency injection (CDI)
Week 8:
Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
Week 9:
Object-relational mapping and the Java Persistence API (JPA)
Week 10:
Web services
Week 11:
Transactions, security and thanks
Bonus Materials:
Message driven beans and asynchrony