Message driven beans and asynchrony

Study for Bonus Materials

This bonus material will provide an introduction to message driven beans and asynchronous processing.

In technical terms, these technologies allow you to temporally decouple invocation from execution. What that means in plain English is that your methods aren't always executed when they're called. Instead, the execution can happen some time after you've called the method.

This bonus material should help you to:

  • Understand the need for asynchronous programming
  • Understand the role of message driven beans
  • Be able to recognize a message driven bean
  • Use asynchronous annotations and APIs


Why message queueing can be useful in web application development:


You aren't permitted to create new threads in Java EE applications, but the @Asynchronous annotation lets you do something similar:

To learn more about Messaging, refer to Chapter 13 of Beginning Java EE 7:

To learn more about Asynchronous, refer to page 253 and 254 of of Beginning Java EE 7:

You might also wish to read Chapter 36 of the Java EE 7 Tutorial: